FALL OF SERAPHS From Dust To Creation CD

RM 60.00

- Memento Mori - 

The impressive debut full-length by this French band. Fall Of Seraphs was summoned in the Bordeaux area, back in 2014, and is comprised of a bunch of active musicians who also play or played in underground acts such as ADX, Manzer, Ossuaire, Simulacre, Ad Patres, Reverence and Quintessence, among many others. In 2017 came the band´s debut EP, "Destroyer of Worlds", followed by a split with their old pals in Trepanator, titled "Incarnation of Torture", released the following year. With those two teasing short-lengths as a foundation, Fall Of Seraphs now bloom into the titan they´ve but hinted at with their imminent debut album, "From Dust to Creation". As before, Fall Of Seraphs´ brand of Death Metal is proudly anchored in the tradition of yore, relying on heaviness, malignancy and non-excessive technicality, shrouded in total and almost palpable blackness, and displaying a remarkable sense of vitality and dynamism that always keeps the listener busy and wondering what´s coming next in their (apparently) everlasting feast of headbang-inducing riffs and sharp-yet-beautifully executed leads.