ARGENTUM Ad Interitum Funebrarum CD

RM 30.00

Ad Interitum Funebrarum
New / Sealed

Format: CD
Origin: Mexico
Genre:  Black/Doom Metal
Label:  Reborn Records

Co-released with Maelstrooms Music

Music by Chebb Maelstrom. Arrangements, intros and outros by Argentum.
Lyrics by Khabee.

Choirs by The Imperium Tenebrarum.
Lections on texts including English, Latin, Catalan, Creol,  Ancientdark Language & Spanish.

Ad Interitum funebrarum is dedicated to: In Memoriam
Yolanda Gonzalez D. Fuentes
J. M. Alcaraz, Maximiliano F., Saturnino Gzz. and the Mighty Evil itself Over the Planet:
Euronymous and Dead