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VANUM Realm of Sacrifice CD

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Realm of Sacrifice
New / Sealed

Format: Digipak CD
Origin: USA
Genre:  Black Metal
Label: Profond Lore

VANUM is a new band formed by two of America’s most respected underground black metal musicians, namely K. Morgan of ASH BORER and M. Rekevics of FELL VOICES/VORDE/VILKACIS.  Throughout the years, with their own respective bands (namely Ash Borer and Fell Voices), the two like-minded musicians have had a comradeship with each other by sharing split releases and touring together.  With VANUM, this marks the first time both musicians have actually collaborated musically together.  With the goal of creating a certain expression of dark atmospheric music with each album, the debut VANUM album treads the ground for those familiar with Morgan and Rekevics’ respective repertoires; that of creating some of the most stirring and mesmerizing black metal coming out today.  The VANUM debut album features some of the strongest material each musician has ever created and will be recognized as one of the most respected black metal releases of the year.