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THE DARK PSYCHE - The Ends Records Compilation CD (Hyms from Black Metal Elite)

RM 50.00

Format: CD, Compilation
Origin: Various Artist
Genre: Black Metal
Label: The End Records

Subtitled "An aural exhibition of black metal from top scholars in the genre."
Comes with a small poster.
Released on 6/6/06 and sold for $6.66

On 06/06/06 THE END RECORDS will release this extraordinary compilation at the special price of $6.66. The label will also offer exclusively through its mail-order site, THE OMEGA, a ltd t-shirt label design to accompany the release with a combo pack. 

On the compilation you will find classic cuts from veteran acts like Darkthrone, Immortal, Dissection and Rotting Christ, eclectic offerings from Arcturus and Melechesh and newcomers like Unexpect and Agalloch serving up their own take on black metal. 

Also, the CD will be packaged in an 18-page booklet jewel case with the artwork. The concept is based on the ancient Greek myth of Charon transferring the souls of the dead from the land of the living to Hades. THE DARK PSYCHE An Aural Exhibition of Black Metal from Top Scholars in the Genre                              

Featuring Tracks from

1 Dissection     Starless Aeon    
2 Agalloch     Not Unlike The Waves
3 Enslaved     The Dead Stare
4 Unexpect     Megalomaniac Trees
5 Arcturus      Radical Cut
6 Satyricon     Dawn Of A New Age
7 Melechesh     Annunaki's Golden Thrones
8 Immortal     Battles In The North
9 Impaled Nazarene     Goat Sodomy
10 Darkthrone     Sacrificing To The God Of Doubt
11 Epoch Of Unlight     Cardinality
12 Nokturnal Mortum     Night Before The Fight
13 Sigh      Introitus (Rough Cut)
14 Rotting Christ     Non Servium
15 Absu The Gold Torques Of Ulaid