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Queen Crescent

Format: LP
Origin: USA
Genre:  Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock
Label:  Not On Label (Queen Crescent Self-released)

Album reviews:

"The awesome women comprising Queen Crescent effortlessly blend late ‘60s progressive rock with Indonesian, Turkish, Mexican and West African psychedelic rock of the ‘70s to create a sound that’s even more incredible than that short-lived time when Tony Iommi played guitar for Jethro Tull". -Michelle Solomon, "Resonance: Weekly Curator Picks", Pandora Radio

“Boogie and blood and moons and machines and flutes and freakery and gallop and GOD! Are you ready for the Queen of the Crescent Moon? We were born ready. Highest possible recommendation.” - Ryan Muldoon, Revolt of the Apes

“Queen Crescent are in a class of their own...The musical mysticism expressed on this album is more attuned to the true magical experience of psychedelics than the often overblown imagery of the stirring of cauldrons and the riding of broomsticks. “Culture Vulture”, (is) one of the best songs of this or any other year.” - Lucas Klaukien, You May Be Dead and Dreaming

"Queen Crescent plays a luxurious retro heavy rock in an elegant interweaving stylistic elements hard prog rock and proto-doom metal...Easily the best "retro-heavy-rock" album of winter-spring 2015" - Igor Gorely, Recyclable Sounds

“Not a song on the album feels underdone, and the care with which QC handle the music’s momentum does the group honors. A very fine first album, and one which fans of heavy psychedelic rock should not allow themselves to miss.” - Gabriel Pesek, Ride With the Devil

"Prepare for an earful of fuzz wicked enough to slay any doubts of rock’s demise, infused with melodious flute like honey on coal, driven by sledgehammer drums and a pounding bass in your face!" - Sam Scarpelli, Fog and Magic