PURGATORY Necromantaeon LP

RM 85.00


Format: LP
Origin: Germany
Genre: Death Metal
Label: War Anthem Records

Germany’s Purgatory have released a new album, Necromantaeon, and it is easily one of my favorite new albums.

This is ballsy death metal that has that definitive German edge to it. I haven’t given the German death metal scene enough listening, but of what I can gather, there is a very interesting aspect about the vocal delivery that I just don’t know how to describe, but I’ve found it in a lot of the German bands that I’ve looked at, such as Fleshcrawl, Anasarca, and the like. Even with a very glossy, modern production, that edge is still there, and it makes this album quite fun to listen to.

This music just stomps right out of the gate and refuses to stop trampling upon your ears. Seriously, this is an excellently concise slab of death metal that understands how to get to the point and establish its presence. The riffs here are devilishly catchy, and in my opinion, the percussion really compliments the riffing style and the vocals well. Rhythmically, this is both brutal, catchy, and genuinely interesting, which is why it immediately caught my ear when I first heard it.