ONE MASTER Reclusive Blasphemy LP

RM 90.00

Reclusive Blasphemy

Format: LP
Origin: USA
Genre:  Black Metal
Label:  Eternal Death

"A powerful melding of orthodox black metal aggression and an almost poetic melodic sense, Reclusive Blasphemy seems to keep its own oppressive blasphemy in check, opting for tasteful song arrangement as a foil to an almost overwhelming sound barrage."    - Invisible Oranges

“Over the course of the album, Reclusive Blasphemy sees One Master assert their dominance over much of what is released in the USBM underground these days.”  - The Sound Not the Word

“ a brand of black metal akin as much to Judas Iscariot as it is Teitanblood.” - Steel for Brains

Newest full length from occult USBM band One Master