INTESTINE BAALISM The Energumenus + Live CD

RM 45.00

Format: CD
Origin: Japan
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Obliteration

This cd contains their demo " The Energumenus " from 1994, previously only released on cassette, and also some live songs from Asakusa Deathfest 2018.

- Tyrant (Aug. 1993, music Seiji / lyrics Takeshi)
- Torsos Conceive (Aug. 1993, music Seiji / lyrics Takeshi)
- Sadism of Hallucinogenic Addiction (Oct. 1992, music Seiji / lyrics Takeshi)
- Alastor Possess (Oct. 1994, music, programming Seiji).
- Prologue, Epilogue (Oct. 1994, music, programming Seiji)

"Torsos Conceive" is an early version of "Energumenus (The Birth of the Cursed Creations)" on their debut album.