RM 125.00

Immolation is a name long synonymous with the extreme music scene, delivering some of the most unique and creatively dark death metal the underground has witnessed over the past 28 years. 2017 marked 29 years for Immolation and Atonement proves that this is one band that does not look back, continuing to push the limits and remaining a vibrant force for the future of a genre they helped define. Atonement is truly a defining moment for Immolation, having some of the most mournful orchestrations the band have dared to delve into, redefining themselves once again and coming out holding the torch high. An unrelenting collection of catchy, intense and darkly imaginative tracks, each song on Atonement is a testament to the pure style and creativity that makes Immolation who they are! Each song on this record is unique and different from the next, with each one incorporating so many of the classic elements that put this band in a league of their own when it comes to extreme metal. This is an album takes the listener on a musical journey that touches on all the extremes; the slow and heavy, the fast and savage and the dark and haunting. With pinpoint accuracy and violent melodic prowess, and the dark lyrical content touching on the dark realities of humanity and the world we have created, the epic feel and dominating power delivered by Atonement is sure to please fans of death/black metal and all extreme music. Atonement goes beyond all expectations and will leave its listeners crumbled on the ground in a pile of ash,… thanking Immolation for every minute it took them to get there!