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Format: CD

Origin: U.K

Genre: Black Metal

Label: Blut & Eisen Productions

"...Songs like ‘Through Transforming Fire’ have buckets of atmosphere and lurch fluidly from relative delicacy to doomy riffery and a kind of tattered grandeur, tying all together into a catchy whole. The album is aided and abetted by a rough but very appropriate sound, some thing like a live tape sans audience, bringing to mind the relatively melodic sound of ‘Sworn To The Dark’– era with the vitality (if not quite the brutality) of Goat Semen or Deiphago. The slightly crude quality is deceptive, however; these songs are tight, well-constructed, and powerful, making Threshold a satisfying meaty release, stylish but substantial." ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE 

"Charged with infectious enthusiasm and propelled by an intimate and unadorned production, 'Threshold' investigates the frontiers of modern BM, dipping its hairy feet in progressive rock, post-hardcore angst and, most excitingly, straight up heavy metal. Yet for all that, it manages to feel adventurous rather than meandering, held together by the band's raw emotional honesty and superlative technique." IRON FIST MAGAZINE