ECTOPLASMA Inferna Kabbalah CD

RM 60.00

"Inferna Kabbalah" a curious balance -the execution sounds razor-sharp and precise when placed within such a soundfield, with the more frequent bouts of speed given extra devastation and the breakdowns even more so- but one that pays off in spades, as their songwriting continues to thrive within strictly traditional parameters, and this relative "refinement" only makes it that much more powerful. Thus, it´s not unreasonable to view "Inferna Kabbalah" in the same headspace as Bolt Thrower´s righteous "...For Victory", except Ectoplasma surely have their own tank-treaded crush! Delving ever deeper into the realms of horror, Ectoplasma receive yet another stunning cover art by the masterful Mörtuus. Read their "Inferna Kabbalah" or weap!