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DISSECTION's classic "The Somberlain" and "Storm of the Light's Bane" albums will be reissued in the U.S. by The End Records. The remastered CDs will come with multiple bonus tracks, previously unreleased material and new layouts.

It's been more than a decade since legendary Swedish act DISSECTION released their 1993 debut album, "The Somberlain", to critical acclaim and today the power and passion of that release still resonates as bright as it did back then. With its swirling symphonics and melodic passages meshed within an intense black/death metal sound "The Somberlain" was an extension of the dark and evil ways of black, death and heavy metal though through its own evolution brought mood, style and presence into the mix and turning it into an instant classic. The follow-up, 1995's "Storm of the Light's Bane", was a triumphant success thanks in part to the high praise of the debut and singer/guitarist Jon Nödtveidt's masterful approach of a commanding atmosphere and top-notch musicianship, allowing music fans a glorious musical journey to experience.