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CORPSESSED Impetus Of Death LP

RM 90.00

Impetus Of Death
New / Sealed

Format: LP
Origin: Finland
Genre:  Death Metal
Label:  Dark Descent Records

Many things have changed since the 2014 release of the band's acclaimed first full-length album, Abysmal Thresholds. Main composer and guitarist Matti Mäkelä finally found some time to resurrect his funeral doom project TYRANNY and release one crusher of an album (also on Dark Descent) in 2015. A year later, CORPSESSED found a new bassist in Tuomas Kulmala (LIE IN RUINS and PERDITION WINDS). And over the course of four long years, CORPSESSED completed their second full-length Impetus of Death, an album that manages to top it its predecessor in terms of heaviness and brutality while taking their epic sound a step further.