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BEYOND Fatal Power of Death LP

RM 90.00


Fatal Power of Death 

New / Sealed

Format: Gatefold LP

Origin: Germany

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Iron Bonehead

Once again, IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS discovers one of the best, brightest/darkest hopes for the death metal underground: Germany's burly and beguiling BEYOND, who unleash the LP version of their debut album, Fatal Power of Death. With evocative artwork by Comaworx, the aptly titled Fatal Power of Death is a dynamic, multi-hued journey into the mysteries of death - and The Metal of Death - through oft-epic, flowingly serpentine songwriting and hideous, incendiary execution, twisting their way downward into caverns of disease 'n' dread but never losing sight of a well-composed song. An insanity-driven trip into the darkest depths of your mental abyss - behold the Fatal Power of Death, and enter BEYOND...