BARREN EARTH A Complex of Cages CD

RM 70.00


A Complex of Cages 

New / Sealed

Format: Special Edition Digipak CD

Origin: Finland

Genre: Progressive / Melodic Death / Doom Metal

Label: Century Media

Hailing from Finland, Barren Earth have always been considered a Frankenstein mix of Amorphis, Swallow The Sun and Opeth. And despite the grandiosity of those acts, Barren Earth walk a tightrope to manage a voice of their own. Bringing solid songwriting and a refined approach to the music found on their previous records in order to make an album that not only achieves high quality, but easily surpasses any predetermined level of expectation. A Complex Of Cages presents itself as a restrained effort, combining what made the band so interesting on their debut, Curse Of The Red River and again on their next two records, really hitting a defining stride with On Lonely Towers (even with a vocalist change). For progressive metal, Barren Earth’s A Complex Of Cages is a must hear album of 2018.