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ARSONIST LODGE Iänkaikkinen, Pysyvä, Muuttumaton Pimeys CD

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Iänkaikkinen, Pysyvä, Muuttumaton Pimeys

New / Sealed

Format: CD

Origin: Finland

Genre: Black Metal

Label: Season OF Mist

The full-length debut of Finland's Arsonist Lodge is a solid study in how to temper traditional black metal aesthetics with just enough traces of atmospheric ambiance and ritualistic abstraction that the core riffing, as familiar as it seems, still comes across fresh and abusive. Combine some of the straight, mid-paced rocking chord progressions you'd have expected from Hellhammer or Darkthrone in their prime, with faster, fluid tremolo sequences redolent of Mayhem around the De Mysteriis dom Sathanas era, and you've got the foundation.